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    About Us

Klein Educational Systems provides training solutions in a variety of curriculum areas that are designed to meet the needs of students in our rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

As technology continues to escalate both the breadth and depth of technical skills required in the workforce, we provide educators and institutions of all levels with the educational systems they need to cohesively integrate technology into their curriculum; Our aim is to provide instructors and their students with the highest level of technical training and keep them informed on what’s to come.

Having worked with the full spectrum of schools for more than thirty years, we’re uniquely positioned to assist you with your curriculum needs. We have many Pre-Engineering, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Information Technology programs, and have assisted over 300 middle and high schools in developing career awareness technology programs. We have worked with nearly all of the junior colleges and universities in California providing workforce development solutions and advanced technology programs for the challenges they face.

Our solutions are based on state and national frameworks and encourage a lifetime of learning for every student. All of our systems have built-in accountability and tracking, allowing the student to progress successfully at their own pace, with engaging, real-world problem solving to ensure students are prepared for their next step.

Our Education Systems utilize the latest real-world equipment (CNC machines, robotics, OBDII trainers, hand tools, industrial automation, IIOT, Industry 4.0, etc.), customized training hardware, as well as the newest multimedia, narration, and computerized video; We’re able to reach students of all skill levels.

All of our learning systems integrate Math, Science, and Communication skills. Some solutions even recognize student difficulties in mathematics and redirect them to remedial math curriculum automatically – keeping students on task – and providing “just in time” learning of critical learning components.

Additionally, many of our programs incorporate crucial soft skills including customer relations, entrepreneurship, employability skills, team building, problem solving, idea generation, business presentations, oral communications, and decision making.

We work with schools in California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, and we continue to expand. If you’re looking for Educational Systems to grow your school or technical program, we want to work with you!
-Chuck Klein, Founder


2851 Spafford Street Davis, CA 95618 | Contact Us: 800.698.3249|