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New CERT Training Policy from FANUC

As of October 2018, Fanuc has created a new CERT training policy. Any instructor that wants to register for a FANUC CERT Training (Handling Tool Operations and Programming - J2P0310) must complete the four required eLearning courses; CERT Robot Safety, Robot Operations CERT, HandlingTool Operations & Programming-CERT and Handling PRO-CERT/ROBOGUIDE, before registering.

To sign up for the instructor lead HandlingTool Operations & Programming class, please call 1888-FANUC-US.

Amatrol's New Portable Process Control Training System

Amatrol's New Hands-On Level & Flow Process Control Training System teaches your students two of the most common types of process control systems; flow and liquid level; processes utilized in a variety of industrial sectors including power generation, petrochemicals, food processing, and manufacturing.

Your students will learn subjects such as process control safety, interpreting instrument tags, valve and pump symbols, and much more by utilizing a multimedia-based curriculum. Contained in a small portable system perfect for any size classroom and made up of industry standard components.


Portable Process Control Training System

MSSC's New CPT+ Skill Boss Training and Certification

MSSC's new CPT+ Skill Boss Training and Certification program is designed to prepare certificants with the next generation skills required to work in the computer-driven, data-intensive advanced manufacturing Industry 4.0. Amatrol's transformative computer controlled training device "Skill Boss" is the foundation of this new program. Enabling both hands-on training and assessment working symbiotically with MSSC's CPT training and certification system.

Built out of industrial grade components its small footprint and portability makes Skill Boss perfect for the classroom. Strong enough to withstand heavy use, small enough to fit on a 3'x6' table and easily moved from the room when needed. Amatrol Thumbnail

Designed to help teach many core technical competencies in the advanced manufacturing discrete parts and process manufacturing sectors. Skill Boss will help encourage your students to a career pathway in advanced manufacturing. Helping transform them from today's students to the strong workforce needed tomorrow with high wages and low to no student loan debt.


Amatrol's eLearning Platform Helps Bridge the Skills Gap

Modern industry increasingly requires technically sophisticated workers, but as the skilled worker shortage continues to grow, educators struggle to train increasing numbers of students using physical trainers alone. Amatrol's eLearning program provides a solution, with thousands of curriculum hours packed with videos, animations and 3D graphics, which can be used to supplement physical trainers and educate more students.

Amatrol eLearning ThumbnailAmatrol's extensive eLearning library contains more than 400 courses and continues to grow and evolve. These courses fall into categories including automation, electrical, fluid power, green energy, industry fundamentals, lean manufacturing, machining, manufacturing processes, materials, measurement & gauging, mechanical, prints & drawings, structural engineering, surveying, thermal & process control, quality, safety, workplace effectiveness, CNC machining operation and programming, and many others. All eLearning courses are available 24/7 through an easy-to-use web portal, offering superb technical content, interactivity, assessment and student tracking. By inviting students and teachers alike into a highly skilled world where understanding and applicationintegrate seamlessly, Amatrol's eLearning program continues to leads the way in the effort to close the skills gap. 


NBCUniversal Foundation Announces New Grant Program-STEM and Job Training Programs

The NBCUniversal Foundation, in partnership with NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, launched Project Innovation, a new grant challenge program in 11 markets where NBC and Telemundo-owned stations are located. Through Project Innovation, non-profit organizations that are using technology and innovation to solve everyday problems in their communities will be awarded grants to help support and expand their programs.

The NBCUniversal Foundation will award $225,000 amongst three to eight nonprofits in each of the 11 markets. The NBCUniversal Foundation will work closely with the owned stations to evaluate applications and choose winners in each market. Apply for a Project Innovation grant by visiting your local NBC or Telemundo station website, in any of the following markets:

Project Innovation grant categories include:

  • Igniting Civic Engagement: Programs that provide or expand opportunities for individuals to engage and volunteer in their communities, especially those that – in this digital age – leverage media and technology. 
  • Skills for the Digital Economy: Programs that support middle-skills jobs training, adult career employment and readiness for advanced skills development programs in an effort to close the gap between education, income and prosperity in local communities.
  • STEM/STEAM Youth Programming: Programs that support K-12 youth education by encouraging and training the next generation of workers for advanced careers in STEM or STEAM fields.

NBCUniversal Grants

Project Innovation expands on NBCUniversal’s commitment to promoting social good in local communities and builds on the success of The NBCUniversal Foundation’s previous grant challenge, 21st Century Solutions, which awarded nearly $6 million to local nonprofits over the past five years. Transitioning to Project Innovation will help The NBCUniversal Foundation continue to tackle important community issues by targeting key areas of importance while allowing for greater flexibility for grant applicants.

Project Innovation applications open on January 12, 2018, and close on February 2, 2018. Grant winners will be announced in March 2018. Click here to learn more about NBCUniversal Foundation and NBC past grant award winners. 

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