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SIMLOG Reach Lift Truck Simulator

Simlog Announces new Industrial Controls for Reach Lift Truck Personal Simulator

Reach Lift Truck Personal Simulator Setup with Three Displays


Compared with the Reach Lift Truck Tabletop controls using replica controls + Logitech G920 in either a Crown or Raymond style configuration, the new Console feature true Industrial and Original Equipment Components.

In this first configuration for Crown, the Industrial Controls can be positioned for training in

  • Programs with real Crown reach lift trucks for training
  • Workforce training for employers with Crown fleets or predominantly Crown
  • Customer simply want the realism of an Industrial OEM simulator regardless of manufacturer, Crown or Raymond


Simlog Inc., the pioneer and standard in affordable PC-based heavy equipment simulators for operator training in education and industry, is pleased to announce the availability of new USB-ready Industrial Controls for Reach Lift Truck Personal Simulator.

Developed in response to demand from customers for a superior simulation experience, they feature the following key elements:

  • OEM Multi-Task Handle, to travel forwards/backward, raise/lower the forks, extend/retract the forks, shift left/right, etc.
  • Steering Tiller, that faithfully reproduces the look and feel of real reach lift truck operator controls
  • Foot Brake Pedal Unit
  • Two Pushbuttons, to present alternative viewpoints (especially important when there is just one display)
  • Mini-joystick, to pan/tilt the current viewpoint
  • Emergency Power Disconnect Pushbutton
  • Front Panel Key Lock, to restrict access to the desktop PC placed inside

The Industrial Controls are mounted on an Industrial Console for stand-up use, with casters for easy portability.

Pricing & Availability

Simlog’s new Industrial Controls for Reach Lift Truck Personal Simulator is now available for ordering. They arrive fully assembled, and USB-ready to connect to your PC and displays.

Alternatively, Simlog can provide an embedded computer as part of a “PC Bundle”, if a “turnkey” system is preferred.

Please contact Klein Educational Systems for pricing.

Simlog’s new Reach Lift Truck Personal Simulator puts you at the controls of a typical stand-up “narrow aisle” lift truck with a scissors-like pantograph to extend and retract the forks (also called “Reach Truck”) suitable for OSHA Class 2 operator training programs.

 We also have a (sit-down counterbalance) Forklift Personal Simulator so you can train people to operate both kinds of lift trucks with our help.

 Training scenarios are typical of warehouses and distribution centers where racking systems are tall and spaced closely together to increase storage density.

 There are many software options to configure what you see and do, to reproduce the operator controls and steering behavior of the most common kinds of (real) reach lift trucks.

 Set up just one display where space is limited, or three displays placed to the left, in front, and to the right, to present views that are typical of “side stance” positioning when looking backward, in front, and forwards.

 And all you need is one off-the-shelf computer. Either purchase your own off-the-shelf  PC or choose the convenience of our PC bundle with Simlog software already installed, licensed, and ready to go in English, French, or Spanish.

Reach Lift Truck Personal Simulator Replica Controls

 Replica Controls for the Reach Lift Truck Personal Simulator feature industrial-strength USB-ready input devices and special tabletop mounting brackets to work from a standing position, just like in the cabin of real reach lift trucks.

 For the left hand, there is a horizontally-positioned steering wheel, the Logitech “G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel”, that can also be used with many other Personal Simulators. There is also a steering wheel “knob” for turning the  steering wheel with just one hand.

 (Real reach lift trucks also have pedals, but that’s functionality primarily intended for safety, not operations. For that reason, and to keep costs down, our simulator controls at this time include no such pedals.)

 In most countries, the Logitech G920 is for sale in retail stores that sell computers or video games, but it may also be purchased on-line. (Logitech’s previous model, the “G27 Racing Wheel” can also be used.)

 For the right hand, there is a “control lever” (a two-axis joystick) to control travel forwards and backward. The control is proportional: push a little to move slowly; push more to move quickly.

 Practically, real control levers are positioned either vertically or horizontally (the most common arrangement) so at Simlog, you can do both.

 For vertical positioning, there’s a multi-purpose Replica Control joystick that can also be used with many other Personal Simulators. Moving the joystick forwards/backward controls travel forwards/backward; moving the joystick left/right controls the up/down motion of the forks. Alternatively, with vertical positioning, control of the forks can also be associated with pushbuttons on the joystick.

For horizontal positioning, Simlog offers a different joystick model with a stiffer spring and an oval-shaped face, as shown here. Moving the joystick forwards/backward controls the travel forwards/backward; moving the joystick up/down controls the up/down motion of the forks. (You can also re-position this joystick vertically, to train operators in both ways.)

In both cases, pushbuttons on the joystick are used to extend/retract the pantograph, to side shift, to tilt the forks, and to change the viewpoint during simulation e.g. by “leaning” left/right.

arrow_bulet Possible Setups
There are two possible setups as follows:

  • one display in front, to present the view looking forwards
  • three displays placed to the left, in front, and to the right to present views that are typical of “side stance” positioning when looking backwards, in front, and forward

Here we present both setups, for the case where the joystick is positioned horizontally.

Custom Travel Cases for Replica Controls

As for other Personal Simulators, Simlog’s Custom Travel Case makes transportation easy.

arrow_bulet Key Features

  • Made-to-measure, with dedicated slots for the steering wheel, joystick, and tabletop mounting bracket
  • Space for a laptop PC, cables, and documentation
  • Pull-out handle, with multiple positions
  • Wheels (casters)
  • Cases are “stackable,” for easy transport.

arrow_bulet Specifications

  • Overall dimensions: 30″ (76cm) x 24″ (61cm) x 19″ (50cm)
  • Approximate weight: 50 lbs. (23 kg) when empty, up to 100 lbs. (46 kg) when full (depending upon the Replica Controls.)


Click here for a video of the new SIMLOG REACH TRUCK SIMULATOR





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