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MSSC's New CPT+ Skill Boss Training and Certification

MSSC's new CPT+ Skill Boss Training and Certification program is designed to prepare certificants with the next generation skills required to work in the computer-driven, data-intensive advanced manufacturing Industry 4.0. Amatrol's transformative computer controlled training device "Skill Boss" is the foundation of this new program. Enabling both hands-on training and assessment working symbiotically with MSSC's CPT training and certification system.

Built out of industrial grade components its small footprint and portability makes Skill Boss perfect for the classroom. Strong enough to withstand heavy use, small enough to fit on a 3'x6' table and easily moved from the room when needed. Amatrol Thumbnail

Designed to help teach many core technical competencies in the advanced manufacturing discrete parts and process manufacturing sectors. Skill Boss will help encourage your students to a career pathway in advanced manufacturing. Helping transform them from today's students to the strong workforce needed tomorrow with high wages and low to no student loan debt.



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