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Klein Educational is proud to offer Automotive Technology Systems and Training Programs from manufacturers LJ Create.

Engine Repair

Whether you’re looking for hands-on training, cutaways, online instruction, practical tasks and/or presentations, Klein Educational Systems can help guide you towards the best Engine Repair technology for your needs.

LJ Create


Klein Educational Systems is pleased to offer a variety of Transmission Training Systems from LJ Create. Find everything you need to know about Transmission and Transaxle trainers and curriculum.

LJ Create

Steering and Suspension

Teach your students everything they need to know about Steering and Suspension with hardware and software curriculum options from LJ Create

LJ Create


From the principles of Disk Brake Repair to System Fundamentals and ABS Input devices, Klein Educational Systems can help you find the best Brake training tools and curriculum options for your Automotive program.

LJ Create

Electrical/Electronic Systems

With various options for online instruction and electrical and electronic hardware trainers, Klein Educational Systems will help you explore the latest Electrical and Electronic Learning Systems for your Automotive program.

LJ Create

Heating and Air Conditioning

LJ Create offer top of the line Automotive HVAC Training hardware and curriculum options. Find the best trainer for your needs and explore practical equipment resources, online curriculum, and more.

LJ Create

Engine Performance

Explore Engine Performance learning tools from LJ Create. Klein Educational Systems can help you find the best curriculum and hardware trainers for your needs, whether you’re looking for Emission Control Systems, Engine Management, Vehicle Diagnosis, Fuel System Fundamentals and more!

LJ Create

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